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- Dwanna W.

“I purchased a Yorkie from Karie two weeks ago for my 14 year old daughter for Christmas. I already had my guard up because I’ve read so many terrible things on the internet about a lot of breeders. The moment I called Karie,she was very welcoming. I made an appointment to come see the puppies. They were all so cute ,and we were able to sit and play with them before we made our decision. I got the cutest Yorkie in the world and we named him nugget. I was so impressed by all the information we got to keep our Yorkie safe and in good health. You can tell that Karie cares about her puppies. I took Little Nugget to the vet a week later and Not only was the vet impressed with the health of my little nugget, she was impressed that the breeder gave us so much information. My vet told me that not too many breeders give out extra information like that. We are so lucky to have found The Paw Palace. In the future I will always buy my dogs from The Paw Palace. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

- Pat Novak.
“Karie found us the perfect new family member. This was such a great experience we also found a puppy for our daughter. Karie has been available to answer all our questions in the care of our 2 new family members. I would highly recommend this excellent service the best way to have a forever family member.”
- Natalie R.
“Loved buying my little girl from. A bought an 8 wk old yorkie. The home was very clean, and they were helpful. When I was curious about the size of her parents, they brought them in for me to meet. It was a great experience & I would highly recommend purchasing from them!”
- Lanora H.
“I have had dogs and cats my whole life but I want to say The Paw Palace is the cleanest, most organized and most informed I have ever dealt with. Karie is very knowledgeable about the dogs she sells as well as extremely diligent. She knows a lot about the breeders she does business with and it was a pleasure working with her when choosing our new Maltese family member.”
- Marsha H.
“The best experience getting help to find a puppy for a friend who had lost a puppy. Ms. Fairchild sent many photos and made phone calls to find the right puppy. Was very understanding and honest. My friend adores her puppy and couldn’t be happier, He is the size and temperament that we were told he would be. Will use The Paw Palace again.”

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